The Structure of Cihan-Duhok University
1. Department of Banking and Financial Sciences

Department Description
Bachelor in the Banking and Financial Sciences helps students to acquire the knowledge of financial management, advanced skills in assessing financial risks and returns, so that you can direct organizations in ways that mixing their value and enhances their skills and business acumen. Students will study courses in areas like portfolio management, global finance, financial markets, corporate financial analysis, decision making and learn to apply financial theories on real decisions. Banking & Financial degree program at Cihan University, aims to enable the candidate to deeply understand the Banking operating system and the concepts of Finance through participation in class discussions and activities. Market participant candidates are to be well-equipped with an excellent background about Finance and its innovative products. An introductory background on the related financial concepts is offered linking them to the emerging banking and financial issues.

Is to establish a quality banking and financial educational department with high academic, research and professional standards recognized in the future, nationally, regionally and internationally.

Is to create and disseminate knowledge and develop skills and attitudes for Finance, Banking & Investment sector to meet the requirements in the local and global market. The Department plans one to achieve this objective through the continual pursuit of excellence in its programs.

This program pursues five main objectives:
  1. To foster participants’ analytical understanding of modern Finance and Banking, in an increasingly internationalized and highly complex financial world. 
  2. To enable participants to decision-making and management skills in a demanding business environment. 
  3. To acquire the skills, knowledge and competence to build future career. 
  4. To enable participants to find an excellent job in a Bank or a financial institution locally or regionally or even globally. 
  5. To be able to participate positively in the development and improvement of country economy. 

2. Department of Accounting

Accounting department at Cihan University was established in 2013, it has been developing since then. This department accepts High School graduates of three tracks: Scientific, Humanities, and Vocational. The admission to department is conditioned that students have enough knowledge of English language, since all subjects are taught in English language. In addition to that, students should know how to use the Computer. All students admitted at this department will have to take an English language intensive course based on an Eight - hour’s weekly schedule for two consecutive Semesters in order to develop their English language skills. The department introduces Accounting knowledge according to International Accounting Standards, Accounting Information Systems, Advanced Financial Accounting as well as Electronic Accounting Packages. Study in this Department consists of two Semesters per year and for four years at the end of that Students will have gained a BSC In Accounting Sciences that qualifies them to work in different Private and Governmental Economical Sectors.

This department provides an exemplary Accounting program in Cihan University- Dohuk that is recognized for its excellence in preparing students who are knowledgeable in the use of conceptual, theoretical and practical applications of financial and non-financial information to reach successful business solutions. The department also seeks to recruit and retain faculty who do high-quality research that benefits students and professionals .To prepare students for professional careers, the department Will offers Master’s degree (M.Sc) in Accounting within the next two years. The department also supports the teaching of many accounting subjects in other departments at the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences.


Our mission is to offer high-quality Accounting educational programs that are relevant to a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students. The Department of Accounting recognizes its role in society by assisting students as they prepare for successful careers in the accounting profession. This Department also strives to advance accounting education and knowledge through basic, theory and applied research using Accounting Soft-ware Packages (Peach-Tree and Omega) in addition to Excel Balance Sheets, and other activities to promote valuable associations with business and professional communities.

  1. Preparing students at high theoretical and practical levels in accounting specializations; which goes with the process of economic development and the needs of labor market in all public and private sectors. 
  2. Enabling the students to command the modern technologies especially the computer and its uses in scientific fields related to the department specializations to guarantee the international scientific productivity 
  3. Explaining to the students the latest developments of the specialization all over the world and developing his/her desire to follow these latest developments after graduation 
  4. Enabling the student to master the English language, because this language is the means of scientific and cultural communication with the world and it is a means of following the latest developments in the field of specialization. 
  5. Developing the desire and abilities of the students to conduct the advanced scientific researches and contributing in the development of the scientific research. 
  6. Confirming that the graduates have acquired the ability to use the recent electronic systems in accounting and they have the ability to meet the present and future needs of the market, which can guarantee outstanding future after graduation. 
3. Department of Computer Science 

Computer Science Department is one of the important departments at Cihan University. It was established in 2013 since the founding of the university. It is concerned with theoretical and practical methods of processing and communicating information by means of computers. CS dept. accepts graduates of junior high school science branch .The Period of study at the Department of Computer is four years. Graduates are awarded the degree of the Bachelor of Computer Science. Our department continues to stress on the quality of education, and faculty members. The department has a qualified academic staff in most important areas in computer science, with learning environment where leading-edge technology takes place on a daily basis. Therefore the graduates qualify for the transition to the labor market successfully 

The department of Computer Science seeks to establish a base of innovators and specialists in computer science and Programming languages, to form a distinguished scientific base in areas related to the knowledge and applications of computers, and to prepare plans for the development of the educational tools in order to ensure the fulfillment of the highest quality requirements. The department of computer science also ensures the provision of distinguished graduates that are able to cover the market needs, and keep up with the advances in the field of information and communication technology. The department ensures that the graduates are able to complete their graduate studies for Masters and Doctorates in various fields of computer science and are able to do high-quality scientific research. 

The department of computer science seeks to provide graduates qualified to deal with software and information more efficiently, and to provide appropriate opportunities for the capacity building development in order to invest in the information technology advances, and to look forward to preparing outstanding graduates in the field of education. The department of computer science quests to be in a position of leadership in the educational, academic and research fields, so as to provide high-quality programmers that are able to contribute to the building of the society in various institutions and transferring the technology to it. 

The objectives of the Department are to: 
Graduating specialized cadres in computer science able to meet the market needs and have the theoretical and practical knowledge along with the needed skills to satisfy the needs of the community in the Kurdistan Region - Iraq and the Iraqi universities. 
Supporting the applied studies associated with the development of systems and software solutions. 
Developing training programs aimed at raising the level of the usage of computers in various fields, allow citizens to take advantage of these programs, and provide advice and technical support to the various sectors of the society. 
Providing academic programs of excellence in the field of computer science in accordance with the global quality assurance standards 
Providing graduates with the needed knowledge to conduct basic research and provide graduates with the skills to be able to communicate and work with others individually, or within a team. 

Cihan-Duhok University

4. Department of English 

The Department of English was founded in 2013 due to the increasing demands of society to have more graduates in the field of English language especially after the fast developments in Kurdistan Region. Since then it has witnessed dramatic changes as regards the academic staff, the number of students, the subjects taught, and the facilities offered. One year later, the evening studies started in the Department. 

The Department looks forward to establishing a well-qualified educational department with high international standards that enhances the teaching and training processes of students to prepare them for the future responsibilities and careers wherever they are needed. This vision makes a major contribution to the expectations of the whole University. 

The Department of English aims at developing students’ linguistic and literary conceptions, their cultural perception and awareness, and their English language skills. It also aims at preparing the graduates to cope with the job opportunities available after graduation. The Department also prepares graduates to deal with a fast-changing and technologically advanced and recognized context shaped by international phenomena. 

The Department aims at: 
Qualifying well educated graduates to meet the demands of society. 
Preparing graduate students for higher studies. 
Raising the level of education in all the region through English as a global language. 
Creating a solid ground for the cross-cultural communication. 
Developing a spirit of cooperation and feed back with the alumni